The radio service of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

Important Aspects


RX Radio promotes intergenerational dialogue between the children attending the Hospital, their families and the health workers, as well as child-to-child dialogue between children patients and other children in the community.

Life Skills and Child Participation

A developmental training process, facilitated quarterly over a period of a week is designed to enable children to express themselves in a safe environment and to engage with those around them. Through participatory activities children build self-confidence and the necessary trust with each other and with the facilitators to speak about their experiences and tell their own stories.

Community Engagement

It is amazing to hear children’s insight and understanding of issues that affect them. The problem is that adults seldom listen to what children have to say – and more often than not, they make assumptions about what the children need and what they want. RX Radio provides a platform for children to participate and engage with the hospital community and the community at large.

Radio Training

Children learn a range of basic communication and technical skills necessary for the production of personal radio stories such as story telling, using field recorders and interviewing techniques. After the foundation phase children participate in further training in different programme formats, more advanced production techniques, producing and anchoring live shows, among other things. These children will become integral to the functioning of RX Radio.

About Us

RX Radio is one of the first hospital radio stations by and for children. RX Radio has been established under the auspices of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Facility Board. We began operations on the 1st of December 2016.

The initiative aims to create a platform for communication between hospitalised children, their families, and the health services by providing patients with the skills and support to produce and broadcast radio programmes across the hospital.

Live magazine-format shows, anchored by children in the hospital, will entertain and engage other patients. Shows will include programmes pre-recorded and produced by patients about their experiences and interests, programmes produced for children, music, as well as interactive games, competitions, dedications and discussions in which children can participate on air from their hospital beds.

In conclusion, in the next two years, we will provide approximately 80 chronically ill children with the skills to produce and broadcast programmes about their experiences to the broader hospital community, give health workers and family members important new insights into a hospitalised child’s unique perspective, and provide vital emotional support and mental stimulation to thousands of ill children during their stay at the hospital.

  • Radio made by and for children

  • Reaching the entire hospital community

  • Training children producers and presenters

  • Emotional support and stimulation for ill children


The team that guides and organises RX Radio:

Dr. Gabriel Urgoiti

Station Manager
Gabriel Urgoiti is a medical doctor who has worked in the field of child health, child participation and communication for development and social change for the last 35 years. He initiated the children’s radio project which formed the foundation of RX Radio.

Noluyolo Ngomani

Senior Radio Producer
Noluyolo (Yolie) Ngomani holds an MA in Media Theory and Practice at the University of Cape Town. She also holds a Radio Production Certificate from the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa. As senior content Producer for RX Radio, she guides the radio making process.

Wayne Boonzaaier

Junior Radio Producer
Wayne graduated in journalism from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He has worked as a radio presenter at MFM 92.6 in Stellenbosch and CPUT’s UNIFM.

Lwazi Volsak

Project Officer
Lwazi Volsak is the Project Officer for RX Radio. This role primarily sees him overseeing the finance & administration of the project. Lwazi holds a BCom in Accounting from the University of Cape Town.

Chris Booth

Chris Booth is the current intern for RX Radio. Chris attended Rhodes University where he obtained his Bachelor of Journalism and Masters in Health Journalism.

We broadcast in the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital and Online

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