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Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Klipfontein Road Rondebosch, 7700 Cape Town, South Africa


What is RX Radio?



Our Vision - A place of solace, well-being and lively experience.


Our Mission - RX Radio is a children's hospital radio station, by and for children. It strives to empower all children admitted to hospital - to tell and listen to their stories about issues that are important to them. In this way we contribute, in order to improve the experience and well-being of each child and their family and caregivers at the hospital.


Our Values

  • Full participation
  • Enjoyment/fun
  • Equality
  • Collaboration (teamwork)
  • Competency and quality
  • Consistence
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Creativity
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Why do we do it?


Children have the right to know as much as possible about what affects their lives - to understand their chronic illness and the healthcare provided to them including:

  • Information about the hospital environment and what is expected,
  • Discussion about their health condition: diagnostic procedures and treatment options; possible outcomes of these  treatments; degree of likely pain and discomfort,
  • Most important: to be able to ask questions and be reassured of the support and care they will receive from their parents, caregivers and health workers.
  • They also need to be entertained and to have fun!


We strive to:

  • Improve children’s experiences of hospital and of their illness;
  • Increase adult understanding of children’s experiences of chronic illness/hospital;
  • Inform improved health worker and hospital practice;
  • Investigate the impact of a child participatory radio intervention on hospitalised children, their
    caregivers and on the health services, and
  • Produce quality audio programmes by children and for children.