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RX Radio Reporters Go Live from Home

RX Radio has some exciting news to share! Young Reporter Alex will be hosting a LIVE Breakfast Show from his own home. Using his own equipment and with the support of the RX Radio team, he will be going LIVE on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09:00 to 11:00 – with the first show taking place this coming Friday, the 3rd of April.

The show will include the RX Radio Top 20’s usual touch of entertainment and music, but it will also focus on the topic of the coronavirus and how people are coping during the lockdown. Alex will host the show and a group of Child and Young Reporters will be contributing by creating jingles, taking part in quizzes and riddles, and sharing their own experiences and music choices during this time. Also included in the show will be the PSAs about the Coronavirus and the experiences of children from around the world during this global pandemic.

Because of the safety precautions that are put in place to ensure everyone’s safety, interviews, contributions and quizzes will be done via WhatsApp. We know that the Coronavirus is a pressing issue and that this is a very critical time for the country, but RX Radio will be bringing you as much information as possible and as best that we can during this time.

The world of media does not sleep and neither do we – so [TUNE IN] to Alex’s show on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09:00 – 11:00. We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

RX Radio Represents at the South African Radio Awards 2020

RX Radio is proud to announce that the South African Radio Awards 2020 have chosen Young Reporter Alex White and Content Producer Wayne Boonzaaier to join the ranks of Bright Stars – joining Senior Content Producer Noluyolo Ngomani who became a Bright Star in 2019. The Bright Star title is given to a person who has a great understanding and passion for radio and who has great ideas for the future of radio. This person should be a tireless worker and an individual that the radio station has come to rely on. We think that both Alex and Wayne are prime examples of what The Bright Star Award embodies.

Another great piece of news is that Dr Gabriel “Gabs” Urgoiti will be inducted to the Hall of Fame due to the unforgettable mark that he has made in the radio industry and the inspiration and mentorship that he has offered to the youth, his colleagues and others over the last 30 years. As the founder of RX Radio, we think that none are more deserving of this honour than Gabs.

This is a momentous achievement and should definitely be celebrated. Each year RX Radio sets the bar higher and this year it’s no different. This will be RX Radio’s second year running that we have been included in radio awards and we hope to keep going from strength to strength. The SA Radio Awards ceremony will all take place on the 17th of April and will be streamed online at 14:00.

What is a Lockdown?

Today is the start of a 21-day National Lockdown – a time where we have to stay at home except for very serious reasons. While it might be boring to stay at home all day, it’s very important as it will help stop the spread of Covid-19 – otherwise known as the Coronavirus.

To explain exactly what the lockdown is, RX Radio Child and Young Reporters have made a bunch of clips that talk about this lockdown and what you can do during this time.

For more information and resources about the Coronavirus and the situation in South Africa and the world, head on over to our page Children’s Voices on COVID-19. Or you can WhatsApp Hi to 0600 123 456 for information from the National Department of Health.

Covid-19: An Update from RX Radio and the National Lockdown

Last night, the 23rd of March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that there will be a nationwide lockdown to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

In light of this, RX Radio wants to update its followers on the measures that we are taking to make sure that we keep all our reporters and staff safe.

Since our last update:

  • No reporters or guests will be coming to the studio.
  • All interviews and recordings will be done over the telephone, cellphone or voice notes.
  • As it is essential for the public and our child listeners to stay up-to-date with information about the Coronavirus, RX Radio Child and Young Reporters will keep informing listeners from their homes by using telephonic messages and cellphone recordings.
  • We will be creating a webpage with resources about the Coronavirus that are produced by and for children.
  • One producer and the station manager will be at the studio during the week. For RX Radio admin queries during the National Lockdown, you can contact our Project Officer, Lwazi Volsak, at or 079 524 4406.

The following measures will stay the same from our previous update:

  • All live broadcasts and events have been cancelled until the end of April.
  • Training has been postponed and dates will be reassessed towards the end of April.

RX Radio is taking this situation very seriously and we want to protect the health of the children, parents and staff. If you want to find out more about the Coronavirus, WhatsApp “Hi” to 0600 123 456.

Covid-19: An Update from RX Radio

In line with the National State of Disaster declared by the President yesterday due to the Coronavirus, the RX Radio team has decided to take certain measures to help prevent the spread of the virus:

  • All live broadcasts and events have been cancelled until the end of April.
  • Training has been postponed and dates will be reassessed towards the end of April.
  • We will be producing Public Service Announcements, adverts and social media posts that will provide important information about Covid-19 to our listeners and followers.
  • While staff will be working remotely during this time, at least two staff members will be at the RX Radio studio every day during the week.
  • We will still be conducting pre-recorded interviews with guests, however, we will be taking serious precautions by
    • providing hand sanitizer,
    • keeping the studio and equipment clean,
    • minimizing the number of people in the studio at one time,
    • and giving guests to option to conduct the interview telephonically.

RX Radio is taking this situation  very seriously and we want to protect the health of the children, parents and staff. We are doing all we can to ensure that everyone’s safety is looked after, thus the decisions that we have taken stated above. We will reassess the situation towards the end of April and keep everyone informed about any developments. 

You can also take your safety into your own hands by following these useful steps:

  • Wash your hands as often as possible for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face – especially your nose eyes and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid shaking hands, but rather bump elbows or feet.
  • Keep a 1-meter distance from those around you.

Cycling at RX Radio with the South African Tandem Association

The live broadcast was not the only thing that RX Radio Reporters were excited about on Saturday the 29th of February, The South African Tandem Association also stopped by and offered an opportunity that these reporters definitely did not want to miss out on.

The South African Tandem Association’s aim is to provide individuals who are blind and partially sighted with the opportunity to enjoy cycling and they had reached out to RX Radio to offer to take some of the reporters around the premises on tandem bicycles. RX Radio Reporter Muji also had the opportunity to interview one of the members, Cindy Jacobs, who was actually interviewed before back in 2018,on Tackling the Outdoors.. For many of the reporters, it was their first time on a tandem bicycle (let alone an ordinary bicycle) but the Tandem Association was more than willing to help and made it a fun day for everyone. But it didn’t just stop there, the RX Radio Reporters were given watermelon and hotdogs for the afternoon! “It’s amazing to see the happiness and joy on the kids’ faces” said Cindy, reflecting on the day. It is safe to say that the reporters are going to be talking about this for quite some time.

ChildSafe unveils new play area at Red Cross Children’s Hospital

On Thursday morning 20th of February the injury prevention unit ChildSafe, which is based at Red Cross War Memorial Hospital, in partnership with Woolworths launched a play area for children that attend the hospital. This was put in place to provide children with a safe environment where they can play freely on the hospital grounds. This unveiling event was covered by RX Radio Reporter Amirah who had the opportunity to interview some of those attending the event.

Amirah spoke Yolande Baker, the executive director of ChildSafe, a non-government organisation that specialises in injury prevention methods and creating an environment that allows children to explore and exercise in a safe manner. Yolande said that it is important for children to have a safe place to play because children genially enjoy playing, it helps them mentally and physically, and at the same time they have fun. However, she also mentioned that “children need to be supervised when they play”, just to ensure that there are no potential injuries that could take place. Despite being impressed with the amount of play areas provided for children in Cape Town, Yolande pointed out that we still need more. Creating a safe space where children feel most comfortable is a powerful gift on its own.

RX Radio’s Scripting Workshop Success

On Friday the 21st of February the RX Radio production team hosted a scripting workshop for the Child and Young Reporters who will be starting new shows and features. This was put in place to better their writing, presenting and radio skills as they took on a vital role of conceptualizing and conducting their own shows and features. Their fresh ideas will be put into motion and brought to life.

There is no doubt that the new shows and features will leave you wanting more. It will be jam packed and full of fun with a few of the new kids taking over some the existing shows and some of them coming up with concepts of their own. If you want to find out more you’ll just have to tune in and wait and see. So keep a look out because RX Radio has some exciting things planned.

RX Radio at WoW’s First Thursday

It is no secret that First Thursdays always has everyone in Cape Town buzzing with excitement, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. While First Thursdays are known for its vibrant culture, it has also presented RX Radio with a wonderful opportunity to emphasize the importance of health. On Thursday the 6th of February, two RX Radio Reporters Amirah and Thameenah together with Producer Chris and PR/Marketer Lusanda attended the WesternCape On Wellness (WoW) event, which took place at the concourse on Wale Street. The original aim of this event was to provide a platform for different communities of the Western Cape to air their opinions and get an opportunity to ask some of the ministers and government officials some questions. The theme for this month was Wellness and that is why WoW was asked to organise various stalls that focused on this topic.

At the Western Cape Government, Amirah and Thameenah had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential people in the Western Cape, including the Premier Alan Winde, MEC of Health Nomafrench Mbombo, the new Head of Health in the Western Cape Dr Keith Cloete, and Deputy Director of WoW, Dr Frederick Marais.

Alan Winde had touched on heath subjects that he was very passionate about – highlighting that more people should become organ donors. He stated that “many people’s lives are not saved because we’ve got too few people on the list. Anybody and everybody who really cares about their fellow citizens, become an organ donor. I mean surely when your life ends, if you help someone else’s life continue… what a gift that can be passed on.”

Dr Frederick Marais, who ran the WoW event, also had a few thoughts of his own. When asked what words of encouragement he had for the children at the hospital, he said that “motivation, support and encouragement is so important… if we were supportive as a community, if we help each other, listen to each other and really reach out and really connect with people … it makes us stronger”.

This event certainly had a positive impact on the public as there were many stalls set up in order for people to check their health status. Health is a very important aspect in life that needs to be taken seriously. It teaches us not to take anything for granted and to appreciate what we have. It makes us brave. RX Radio encourages children and their families to speak their truth and walk with them on their health journey.

[CHECK OUT] the full coverage below:

It was a Match Made in Africa

On Wednesday the 5th of February, Young Reporters Alex and Qaqamba, along with Senior Content Producer Yolie, had the privilege of welcoming well-renowned tennis player Rodger Federer at Cape Town International Airport, ahead of his match against Rafael Nadal that took place on the 7th of February. The match was held in support of raising funds for the Federer Foundation, which is an organisation that supports educational projects, not only in South Africa but also Switzerland.

The Match in Africa had everyone in Cape Town buzzing since it was announced last year, and it was definitely no exception for these RX Radio Reporters who were the youngest reporters at the press conference at the airport. Both Alex and Qaqamba had the opportunity to ask the star tennis player some questions. “It teaches you to be resilient, winning and losing, fair play, work ethic, listening, learning” said Federer. He also added that one needs to dream big as an athlete: “there is a lot of people that will always tell you that maybe you will not make it… at some stage you need to go your own path.”

The much anticipated live match between Federer and Nadal took place on Friday the 7th of February which Yolie, Alex and Qaqamba also had the privilege of attending. They witnessed the doubles showdown between Comedian Trevor Noah and Nadal against Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Federer. This experience was certainly nothing short of sensational and hilarious – with Trevor Noah cracking jokes throughout the match.

Alex and Qaqamba also had the honour of interviewing both Nadal and Federer on the day of the event – both before and after the match. Alex had asked Nadal what message he’d give to the children of South Africa and to children around world and he said that “… to put two rivals together for a good cause is always a joy… it keeps the positivity.” He also mentioned that his friendship with Federer will last beyond his tennis career because of the positivity and the love for sport that has been shared between the two. In the end it was Rodger Federer who was victorious as he won both the doubles match with Bill Gates, as well as the singles match against Nadal.

Aside from the two tennis matches – which broke a world record with the highest number of spectator for tennis – there were also a lot of performances that kept the crowd entertained, including ones from the Ndlovu Youth Choir and the Zip Zap Circus. With all of this entertainment, the Match In Africa raised over $3 million. It is safe to say that this experience has taught many people the importance of sportsmanship and that coming together for one cause can make a difference. This once in a lifetime opportunity is something RX Radio will definitely not forget.