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RX Radio Youth Music Festival

Last Saturday the 28th of September 2019, RX Radio hosted its first-ever Youth Music Festival that took place on the field next to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The festival, which was an idea sparked by the Child and Young Reporters of RX Radio, was a day of music, dancing, food, games, and laughter.

Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato opened the festival on the warm September Saturday and welcomed the crowd to enjoy all the musical acts that took place on the day. These acts included the likes of Majozi, Yanga Sobetwa, Acoustic Element, Anecnote, Jarred Ricketts, 14-year old singer Talitha, pianist Qden, Tankiso and Gqom group Havoc Fam. There were also local and up-and-coming artists and dancers such as Langer en Kleintjie, GENIE D, Nich Job, Lord Richie, Tercia, DJ Jakes, Gasko, Blasé Squad, and Tatum Tae Legolie. After every performance, RX Radio Child and Young Reporters were there to interview the artists about themselves and the festival.

But the entertainment didn’t stop there! There were also numerous dancing competitions where both children and parents showed off their dancing skills and the winners walked away with RX Radio Youth Music Festival t-shirts. Jarred Ricketts, who is also one of the finalists in the SABC 3 Presenter Search 2019, also gave away some of his CD’s to four lucky winners.

The vibrant atmosphere of the festival was made complete with delicious food and jumping castles. A Jabulani from The Reach for a Dream Foundation entertained all the attendees with his tricks and balloon animal skills. Western Cape On Wellness (WoW) was also there to turn part of the field into a playground when they brought along scoring-nets, soccer balls and skipping ropes for the kids.

RX Radio would like to thank all of those involved in making this day a success – including the artists, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Ultra Events, Event Solutions, City of Cape Town, Dimension Tents, Nando’s Waterfront and Athlone, Quicket, Rand Air, My School, Paul Bothner Music, Western Cape on Wellness, SASP and Caltex.

Picture Credits: RX Radio and Shirley Emms Photography

RX Radio September Newsletter

The second edition of the RX Radio Newsletter has been released! This quarterly newsletter is intended to entertain the readers and act as a space for Child and Young Reporters to express themselves in a written medium.

In this edition, we focus on a number of topics and milestones in RX Radio’s development, including:

  • President Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to RX Radio on Mandela Day, the 18th of July 2019. Talitha (14) and Saadiq (13) wrote articles about their experiences of the day and how it was interviewing the President of South Africa.
  • The Liberty Radio Awards 2019. Yusrah (12) wrote about her experience being nominated for The Best Internet Radio Show along with her sister Naseerah, as well as their experience at the awards in Johannesburg earlier this year.
  • The trip to London for the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in the Digital Environment. Young Reporter Tarique (18) writes about his upcoming trip to London, along with Senior Content Producer Noluyolo Ngomani.
  • The upcoming RX Radio Youth Music Festival. Alex (16) talks about the music festival that will be taking place on the Red Cross Hospital field between the hospital and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

There are also articles by Kauthar (18), Luzuko (17), and Jesse (13) who talk about their experiences with RX Radio and what they think about the station. Finally, we have two articles that were contributed by members of the hospital community – including an article on physiotherapy by Jenny du Preez and a recipe for mayonnaise by Sister Jane Booth.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this newsletter and that you will learn something new from the Child and Young Reporters at RX Radio.

Click here to view the Second Edition of RX Radio Newsletter!

RX Radio Special Festival Broadcast

RX Radio will be having a special broadcast tomorrow from 09:00 to 12:00. Instead of the usual shows, RX Radio Reporters will be getting up close and personal with some of the artists who will be performing at the first RX Radio Youth Music Festival on the 28th of September 2019. The artists will be at the RX Radio studio to tell the listeners what to expect on the actual day.

There will be a number of acts joining us to introduce themselves to the listeners and to tell us why they chose to perform at the music festival – these include some of the headliners like Anecnote and Majozi! Tony Westwood will also be interviewed in the morning about the Tobacco Bill. Kate Stuart, who is part of the Bhabhihsana Baby Project, will be interviewed about the aims to improve early identification as well as therapeutic interventions for children who may be at risk or have identified disabilities.

If you’re keen on attending the RX Radio Youth Music Festival, then buy your ticket at!

ChildSafe’s Burns Seminar at Red Cross Children’s Hospital

RX Radio was invited to cover the ChildSafe seminar on burns safety which was held on the 23rd of August at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. This is an annual campaign which sought to create an awareness in the prevention of child accidents, particularly burns. Young Reporter Hakeem interviewed various doctors, fire safety marshals, the executive director of Child Safe, Yolandi Baker, as well as a burns survivor, William Baartman. There are various prevention tips for children as well as parents. ChildSafe’s executive director expressed how a burn should be handled as well as the quickest way to help soothe a wound after a child has been unfortunately involved in a burn accident.

Take a listen to the coverage of the event below and find out some more tips on keeping safe from burns:

Inter-Faith Prayer Against Gender-Based Violence

The staff of Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital held an inter-faith prayer against gender-based violence, outside the Peter Pan statue yesterday. A candle was lit and roses laid at the base of the statue while religious leaders of the hospital community gave prayer. All of the staff who attended wore black and a purple ribbon to send out a statement to stop the rapid rate of assaults against women and children. The prayer was a response to the recent wave of gender-based violence against women and children that has taken a toll within South Africa.

Michelle Shargy, who is also the principal of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Primary School expressed how she is distressed and urges that the number of assaults should be reduced. She also advised that we all work together and assist each other by having a friend to always check whether the next person is still safe. Julian Loff, who has been a nurse at Red Cross Hospital for 36 years, said that she was honoured to be part of the prayer which included a moment of silence to the rising number of deaths.

Sister Crystal Bastian, the nursing deputy-manager at Red Cross expressed gratitude, and how she felt blessed after the prayer, which has motivated her to continue working through the week. She continued to advise that women must remain role models to the children, protect one another and set an example around the condemnation of violence against women as well as children.

The inter-faith prayer session was covered by RX Radio Reporter, Kauthar Salie, a Grade 11 learner who travels to school from Bonteheuwel to Rosebank College daily. She also commented on yesterday’s event: “The inter-faith prayer made me feel emotional because such unfortunate instances can happen to anyone. The prayer left me feeling better than before and I urge every child to be safe as well as aware of their surroundings.”

Certificate Ceremony August 2019

On Saturday 17 August 2019, RX Radio Team hosted a certificate ceremony for the new Child and Young Reporters who completed their basic training in June and produced a radio diary.

The Certificate Ceremony was all about showing the children their completed radio diaries and giving them their certificates. Twelve out of fourteen reporters were handed their certificates after watching their diaries and they were formally asked if they wanted to officially become an RX Radio Reporter.

The ceremony was supported by all the parents of the kids who were trained and some of them brought their siblings to support them. The ceremony went well as all the kids were happy and the parents were so excited seeing their children speaking boldly about their conditions or illness. After the ceremony, the children celebrated their achievement with cake and juice.

Tevin Campbell visits Red Cross Children’s Hospital

RX Radio was delighted to host the well- known American R&B singer and songwriter, Tevin Campbell. Amidst his teenage years, his music gained recognition while the hit single A Better You a Better Me scored him the Young Artist Award for the favourite New Recording Artist in 1990.

He visited the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for the first time after his sold out concert at the Grand West Arena on Saturday. He was interviewed by RX Radio reporter, Hakeem where the two spoke about their love for hiking. He also shared a few words of encouragement to the children who aspire to be musicians. Take a listen below:

President Ramaphosa visits RX Radio for Mandela Day 2019

RX Radio was honoured to host President Cyril Ramaphosa for an interview on the 18th of July 2019. The President visited the station as part of his Mandela Day activities and met with many of the Child and Young Reporters of the RX Radio before giving an interview that was hosted by Talitha, Saadiq and Athule.

On arrival at the station, President Ramaphosa was welcomed by Imaad G and Qaqamba, two RX Radio Reporters, and Station Manager Dr Gabriel Urgoiti. He was then escorted to the offices where he was briefed about RX Radio and the day’s activities by Reporters Alex, Amirah, Yusrah, Naseerah, Tarique and Senior Producer Noluyolo Ngomani.

The President then addressed the children before shaking each and every Child and Young Reporters’ hand, greeting them all. After which he was led to the studio for his interview.

President Ramaphosa greeting Child and Young Reporters Naseerah, Yusrah, Amirah and Tarique.

While chatting on air to Talitha, Saadiq and Athule, President Ramaphosa emphasised the importance of remembering Mandela and spoke about young people’s participation in electoral processes. He also touched on the fact that the plight of people with disabilities, including children, was an issue close to his heart – pledging the government’s support for initiatives such as RX Radio.

“We are going to make sure we give support to RX Radio as much as possible because I have come, I have seen for myself. I have touched your hands, I have touched you, hugged you all and I am going to be motivating very, very strongly ministers who are involved with funding organisations like this to do something. Support is on its way,” he said.

You can LISTEN to the full interview here:

Reporters Qaqamba and Imaad, and Station Manager Dr Gabriel Urgoiti welcoming the President.
The President addressing the Child and Young Reporters and their parents.
President Ramaphosa being interviewed by Talitha, Athule and Saadiq.
President Ramaphosa and the RX Radio Team.

Photo Credit: The Presidency ZA

Her Campus UCT Writing Workshop at RX Radio

On Saturday 29 June, students from Her Campus UCT held a writing workshop for the Young Reporters at RX Radio. Her Campus UCT is part of an international online magazine and a team of four students, Fadiyah (chairperson), Blair, Sarah-Kate (senior editor) and Julia, facilitated this workshop as a way to inspire young writers at RX Radio and to help improve their writing skills in blog writing, newsletter writing and also their own personal interest for writing online.

The workshop started with How to write an article with Julia. This included an activity where the group collectively went through the stages of writing an article. Julia runs her own website and she included tips on adding video and audio components to an article. She also touched on how to write independently and on different forms of writing. The second topic was Multimedia, Publishing and Blogging with Sarah-Kate. This section included how Her Campus go through the process of publishing an article and including multimedia elements. Sarah-Kate is the Senior Editor for Her Campus UCT as well as an avid blogger, so she provided tips on where to find images for articles, tips on running a blog and what catches her eye in an article.  Lastly was Creative Writing with Blair. This section focused on screenwriting, narrative structure and character development. 

Sarah-Kate summed up one of the most important lessons from the workshop by saying, ‘writing helps to express yourself fully in other words writing makes things meaningful’.

The workshop was well attended by the children and many of them showed a keen interest in improving their writing skills. They were also pleased with the stationery and some snacks which were nicely packed in a gift bag for the children to use and carry home.

Wrapping the Hospital for the “Leave Your Mark” Campaign

The Children’s Hospital Trust hosted an event called “Leave Your Mark” where they wrapped and decorated the hospital fence with an enormous red ribbon on Friday 14 June 2019.

After decorating the ribbon, a number of speakers spoke about the importance of Red Cross Children’s Hospital and its role in saving lives. Zoe Brown was the MC at the event with the first speaker being Blaze Phiesser, a patient of Red Cross who shared her incredible story of survival after she was given only six months to live. This year in February she had a double transplant kidney and liver which was successful. The second Speaker was Gary Gold (head coach for the USA rugby team) who shared his personal connection with Red Cross and donated a watch for the Trust to auction and raise funds.

RX Radio Young Reporters went to cover the event and interviewed a variety of guests who attended – including school children who helped decorate the red ribbon surrounding the hospital.

The Children’s Hospital Trust said that “the ribbon will remain an iconic feature for months to come and is a true reflection of the doctors and nurses and staff who are so dedicated to ‘wrapping their arms’ around the hundred and thousands of children who visit the Hospital every year”.