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Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

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Radio Tygerberg 104FM visited Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

On Wednesday 10 March, Radio Tygerberg 104FM visited Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and hosted a live outside broadcast for their Kleinsaterdag – which is an Afrikaans term used to indicate that weekend is approaching.

From 09:00 to 12:00, Radio Tygerberg was set up next to the main entrance of the hospital, where Benescke Janse Van Rensburg hosted the show and interviewed a number of people at the hospital – including Anita Parbhoo (Red Cross Hospital Medical Manager), Dwayne Evans (Red Cross Hospital Communications Officer), RX Radio Producer Wayne Boonzaaier and two of the RX Radio Reporters, Seraj and Nurji.

The theme for this broadcast was ‘What does it mean to serve?’ and Radio Tygerberg interviewed their guests about what serving others means to them. When chatting on air, Wayne shared his journey with RX Radio and how the children’s radio station serves their listeners, while Child Reporters Seraj and Nurji chatted about their roles and participation at RX Radio.

After the broadcast, the Tygerberg 104FM team went to the wards to spend time with the patients and left them with a few gifts.

Red Cross Relay Marathon

On Tuesday 02 April 2019, Red Cross Children’s Hospital held a Relay Marathon at the Rondebosch Common for staff members in the hospital community. Each of the teams ran a total of 16 laps around the Common, with the runners passing the baton after each lap.

The Relay started at 08:00 and finished with a final shotgun lap at 13:00 for those team who had not completed all their laps. The weather for the day was kind, with the sun shining and a wind keeping the runners cool.

RX Radio entered a team of Child/Young Reporters and staff workers and the team managed to complete all 16 laps before the 13:00 cut-off lap. Young Reporter Mujahid he was the fastest runner in the RX Radio team with a time of 10 minutes and 50 seconds. For the event, NJ Africa sponsored t-shirts for the whole RX Radio team.

In the end, the A –Team (Anaesthesiologists) was the first to finish the laps with Surgery All-stars and Team Oystercatcher coming second and third.

[CHECK OUT] the coverage from the day below:

RX Radio is going to the Liberty Radio Awards 2019!

RX Radio is proud to announce that Books and Breakfast with Yusrah is a finalist in the Liberty Radio Awards under the Best Internet Radio Show, while our Senior Content Producer, Noluyolo Ngomani, has been inducted at a Bright Star for the awards!

The Liberty Radio Awards promotes and recognises excellence in radio and focuses on rewarding individuals and organisations who combine talent, hard work and skill to keep their listeners interested and tuning in.

The Awards will be taking place on Saturday 13th of April in Johannesburg and will be attended by Noluyolo, Yusrah and Naseera Du Toit (host and co-host of Books & Breakfast with Yusrah) and their parent.

RX Radio Launches in Paarl Hospital

RX Radio has expanded by officially launching the radio in the paediatric wards and waiting room of Paarl Hospital! From the 18th to the 22nd of March, RX Radio, in partnership with Radio KC, completed the Basic Radio Training of 11 new Child and Young Reporters at the hospital. We are looking forward to continuing this exciting new project and working with the Paarl reporters to produce more child-driven content!

Announcing the Upcoming RX Radio Newsletter!

RX Radio has some BIG news, we are going to release a quarterly newsletter written by our Child and Young Reporters! The first edition will be released next month on 30th of April.

All the articles will be written by our reporters sharing stories on a variety of topics related to RX Radio. The newsletter will be distributed using Mail Chimp and it will be available on our website.

Watch out on all our social media platforms for more updates, so that you don’t miss out!

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NEW SHOWS! on RX Radio

On Saturday 9 March 2019 RX Radio Reporter Tarique hosted a live one hour special program, where he was counting down the Top 10 latest tracks from 09:00 – 10:00. He was joined by fellow RX Radio Reporter, Saadiq who interviewed Dr Beth Engelbrecht, the Head of the Western Cape Department of Health who shared her thoughts on RX Radio



RX Radio has grown exponentially; we have trained 76 reporters and we have range of brand new shows that will make their debut on RX Radio soon. However, after Tarique’s Top 10 broadcast, RX Radio had a mock broadcast with five of these new shows. The mock broadcast was not LIVE on air, as this was the first time for these reporters to host a show. But these shows were recorded and will be playing on RX Radio very soon.

Here’s the list of the new shows:

  • Talking Politics and Jazz with Saadiq and Imaad.
  • Mama Africa hosted by Jesse and Alande
  • Heartbeat hosted by Summayyah and Thaakirah
  • LZK Music Show hosted by Luzuko
  • FDS (Fashion, Singing and Dancing) hosted Uli, Kanyo and Anelisa.

In April 2019 these shows will broadcast LIVE for the first time, so keep an eye on our social media pages so you don’t miss out.


Paediatric Transplant Celebration Day

On Tuesday 05 March 2019 Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital spent a day celebrating a number of important paediatric transplant milestones. These included:

  • The 50th year of Paediatric Renal Transplants
  • The 40th year of Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Almost 40 years of Paediatric Heart Transplants
  • The 30th year of Paediatric Liver Transplants

RX Radio covered this milestone event with Young Reporters Hakeem, Kauthar, and Tarique interviewing organisers and guests at the J&J Hall at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

The celebrations went well as the Provincial Minister of Health Nomafrench Mbombo did the welcoming speech to all the guest. RX Radio Reporters were able to interview Professor Minnette Coetzee (Speaker) from the University of Cape Town(UCT) and Professor Mignon McCulloch, PICU Consultant and Paediatric Nephrologist at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Besides interviewing Medical Professionals, the Reporters were also able to engage with a lot of people who received various transplants from Kidney to Liver, Heart, Bone Marrow and Renal transplants.

In Loving Memory of Nangamso

Sadly, one of our Young Reporters, Nangamso Ngangani, passed away on Friday 6 July 2018. We want to celebrate her life by showcasing the work she has produced for RX Radio.

Click on the links below to listen to some of the interviews, event coverages and promos Nangamso has done for RX Radio:

Interviewing Red Cross Primary School, Michelle Shargey,

Covering Physio Back Week, 

An interview with CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson

Wishing RX Radio a Happy Birthday 

CLICK on our Gallery tab and scroll through our July 2017 Basic Training Album to view some images of Nangamso and her fellow reporters completing their training.

RX Radio Broadcasts on the Expresso Morning Show

We had a pre-recorded broadcast at Expresso on the 22nd of June 2018: Expresso is a lifestyle and news morning show. A few of RX Radio presenters joined in and they were part of the morning show’s schedule. They were interviewed on what it meant to be a part of RX Radio and they also got to meet the interesting guests of the show.   

Radio Drama and Comic Book preparation

On the 12th of June Loyiso Mkhize and Clyde Beech met up with RX Radio reporters to further discuss the concept for the comic book, and a lot of useful information came from the session.  After this session they came back on 25th of June to discuss the storylines, plots, personal stories and overall experiences of the reporters.

Since the comic will be adapted to a radio drama, Nigel Vermas conducted a three-day radio drama workshop from the 25th to the 27th of June. This has been instrumental in preparing the reporters for their roles in the radio drama and it has also taught them the basic principles of a radio drama. Vermas is going come back in August for a follow up workshop where he we look at the material that was generated during the workshop, this will also include recording these into mini radio dramas. This is to motivate and engage the participants, in a manner that would consolidate the theory into practice.