August 18, 2017


On weekdays RX Radio is currently broadcasting repeats and pre-recorded shows from 10:00 – 22:00, depending on the length of the show. Every second and last Saturday of the month we broadcast LIVE shows from 09:00 – 15:00, then from 15:00 -21:00 we play prerecorded shows and music in between.

The station transmits through the hospital’s internal television system to all wards and public spaces in the hospital; we also broadcast on this website.

Note that all the shows independent of the theme will always have a health feature.


Due to the nature of this radio station – by and for children, most of RX Radio Child/Young Reporters live with chronic illnesses, thus this programme schedule remains a work in progress and it is subject to change.  However, you will be notified via our social networking sites if anything changes.

In addition, we have a total of 37 Child/Young Reporters from which 17 have permanent shows and features as reflected below. The other 19 reporters participate on pre-recorded interviews and live shows but not on a regular basis.


Top 20 with Alex


Count down of current hits and discussion of topical issues in general, with Andre shedding light on useful technological gadgets that can be of use to children and young people admitted at the hospital.

Tackling The Outdoors with Hakeem


Hakeem unpacks challenges of camping, provides tips, explores good places to go camping and talks about his camping trips. Mujahid also contributes by giving you the latest sports news.

Qaqamba’s Inspiration Corner


If you are looking for motivation, this inspiring corner is definitely your [place of] solace.

Amirah’s Hot Playlist


To keep up to date with the hottest tracks and what plays on Amirah’s MP3 listen in and join her as she comments about these tunes.

Zaahra’s Kitchen


Zaahra talks all things food – she shares her favourite recipes, reflects on healthy and unhealthy foods, tackles how kids can help in the kitchen and interviews people in the food-industry. Also expect a riddle feature from Alaweyah and Umar.


Repeat of previous shows



Books and Breakfast with Yusrah

13:30 -14:30

First and third Tuesday of every month

Are you a bookworm? Well, Books and Breakfast with Yusrah is for you. Catch her book reviews, book culture, literacy programmes, interviews and with her sister – Naseerah sharing her life experience and doing a permanent riddle feature, Think! Think! Think! with Naseerah.

Completely Random with Tarique


Second Friday of every month 

Tarique reflects on his condition, show cases his extra mural activities, deals with a variety of issues and themes that reflect his world view and offers motivational messages – hence the name ‘Completely Random’.

Wheeling with Roxy 

13:30 – 14:30

First and second last Friday of every month 

Are you into travelling? Then Wheeling with Roxy is the show for you. Roxy reviews fascinating destinations, speaks with adventure seeking individuals and shares intriguing facts on various destinations.

Coachella’s Show

13:30 -14:30

Second and last Wednesday of every month

Kauthar plays a diverse range of Islamic music:  Traditional, religious, serene and simply inspiring sounds.

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