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Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

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RX Radio – radio for children, by children


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  • RX Radio broadcasts through the television network of the hospital to all its wards and public spaces
  • We also broadcast through streaming on this website
  • If you would like to access RX Radio on your phone download the app here
  • Note: most shows will have a health feature – except for shows with independent themes.
  • RX Radio broadcasts 24/7, with live and pre-recorded programmes  - including shows, music, podcasts, and radio diaries.
  • REPEAT broadcasts and pre-recorded shows Weekdays 10 am to 10 pm - check our Facebook page daily for details of these shows

DISCLAIMER: More shows are in development, look out for their descriptions mid-March 2019

Show descriptions:


"Top 20 with Alex"

RX Radio’s Top 20 is a music countdown and entertainment show hosted by Young Reporter Alex. His show goes live every second and last Saturday of the month from 09:00 – 11:00 and covers a variety of interesting topics – particularly those related to media and entertainment. On every edition of his show, Alex interviews at least two guests (including a Big Interview with a prominent established personality), holds a quiz with the children, and has a riddle that listeners can answer.

The show was established as a way for Alex to share his love of the media and to build on his planned career in radio. Alex is an enthusiastic host who has excelled during his time at RX Radio.

"Tackling the Outdoors"

Hosted by RX Radio Young Reporters Hakeem and Mujahid, Tackling the Outdoors is a show that looks at all topics related to sport, nature and health. The show is broadcast live every second and last Saturday of the month from 11:00 – 12:00 and includes interviews with sport- and nature-related guests, as well as music and a sports news feature. The hosts have interviewed many guests who have overcome chronic mental or physical disabilities to achieve their dreams and goals.

The rapport between the two hosts – both of whom are outpatients at Red Cross Children’s Hospital – makes the show more entertaining and relatable for child listeners, both in and out of the hospital. The show also acts as motivation for the listener as both the hosts and many of the guests display a sense of positivity when it comes to overcoming adversity.

"Qaqamba's Inspiration Corner"

Young Reporter Qaqamba hosts a show that is dedicated to inspiring and motivating listeners to live life to the fullest and to push through life’s difficulties. On her show, she interviews motivational speakers, people who have overcome adversity, hard-workers who are managing to make a name for themselves, as well as individuals and groups that are working with and inspiring the public. Qaqamba also plays motivational speeches and poems. Overall, the show aims to give all child listeners a positive mindset and to help them to realise that they can follow the examples of some great role models. Qaqamba’s Inspiration Corner is live every second and last Saturday of the month 12:00 – 13:00.

"Amirah's Hot Playlist"

This music radio show is hosted by Young Reporter Amirah where she interviews artists, dancers, and other musical guests. The purpose of the show is to showcase the musical talent that we have in South Africa and Amirah has hosted guests ranging from famous celebrity artists, all the way to young people who are just starting their musical journey. Also featured on Amirah’s show are the top tracks from her personal playlist, as well as a regular Nal’iBali feature. Amirah’s Hot Playlist goes live every second and last Saturday of the month from 13:00 – 14:00.

"Zaahra's Kitchen"

Child Reporter and food lover Zaahra started her own show that focuses on cooking, food, health and nutrition. Along with her co-host Talitha, Zaahra interviews chefs, recipe makers, food bloggers, dieticians, and other health professionals. The show intends to not only inspire young chefs and give the listener cooking tips, but it also aims to encourage healthier and nutritious food choices. Conditions and health issues related to food – such as diabetes – is also discussed in her show. Talitha also has her own feature on the show known as Talitha’s Great Music Feature where she plays her favourite three songs of the week. Zaahra’s Kitchen is broadcast LIVE every second and last Saturday of the month from 14:00 – 15:00.


"Books and Breakfast with Yusrah"

RX Radio Child Reporter Yusrah, along with her sister Naseerah, host the show Books and Breakfast with Yusrah. This show started as a platform for Yusrah to share her love for books where she could review her favourite novels, interview guests from the book world, and play Takalani Sesame stories for the child listeners. As time went on, her sister Naseerah (who attends Red Cross Children’s Hospital as an outpatient) got more involved as she became more comfortable in front of the mic. Now, Naseerah co-hosts her sister’s show and has a feature where she shares her funniest riddles.

Books and Breakfast highlights the ability of radio to bring people together as the two sisters have become closer as a result of their work together on the show, and has allowed them to bring light-hearted entertainment to the children in Red Cross Children’s Hospital. The show is prerecorded on the second and last Friday of the month and first airs every third and first Wednesdays of the month.

"Thameenah's Movies and Series Show"

Movie lover and TV fundi Thameenah shares her love of all things cinema in her show Thameenah’s Movies and Series Show. Here she reviews all her favourite films and TV show before playing a trailer for a new movie that she is excited for. On her show, she also interviews members of the film industry and gives fun trivia about movies. Every edition of her show focuses on a different genre, ranging from animation to fantasy to romance. The purpose of Thameenah’s radio show is to get people excited about movies and to encourage the listener to draw positive messages from the movies that she reviews. Tameenah's Movies and Series Show is pre-recorded every first Friday of the month.

"Completely Random"

Young reporter Tarique is a person of many interests, ranging from music to dancing to dogs to gardening, and so he decided to start Completely Random – a show that covers a wide variety of topics. A regular segment on his show is Tarique’s Canine Feature where he talks about different dog breeds. With Tarique’s high energy and friendly personality, he is able to entertain the listener on any topic that he finds interesting. The show is also a great way to educate and inform the listeners on topics that they may not be exposed to in everyday life. The show goes live every last Friday of the month.