RX Radio congratulates the new RX Radio Child and Young Reporters

On Saturday the 3rd of February, a certificate ceremony was held for the newly trained RX Radio Child and Young Reporters. The nine children, and their family and friends, were invited to the ceremony to listen to the radio diaries that they produced during their training in December 2017. The event is to celebrate the children’s achievements at and for them to receive a certificate for completing their training.

RX Radio basic training takes place four times a year and in every training, aspiring Child and Young Reporters are expected to produce one radio diary by the end of the course. Much like a regular diary entry, radio diaries are personal stories that are told by the children about any topic that they would like to talk about. The story is told from the child’s own perspective and includes one or two interviews with people they know.

From the 11th to the 15th of December last year, nine children of varying ages (4 to 14 years old) took part in the RX Radio basic training. To create their radio diaries, the children learnt about the basics of radio – namely: using a recorder, talking on radio, and developing interviewing skills. The end result was a radio diary of about 4-6 minutes long that were played during the ceremony.

This month’s event was enjoyed by all the children and their families where they could watch each other’s radio diaries and join in with eating cake and receiving their certificates. At the end of the day, most of the children are interested in continuing with RX Radio and some have expressed an interest in creating their own shows. So stay tuned and listen out for the brand new RX Radio Child and Young Reporters.