On 10 and 24 March, a few RX Radio reporters took part in workshops facilitated by the Children’s Institute. The Children’s Institute aims to contribute to policies, laws and interventions that promote equality, realise the rights, and improve the conditions of all children in South Africa.

Lori Lake, a researcher at the Children’s Institute, and the RX Radio reporters going though the Child Gauge 2018

Every year, the Children’s Institute produces a book called the South African Child Gauge which aims to improve the lives of children in South Africa. The book brings together researchers from around the country to identify the latest facts and figures and it uses this information to help government design better laws, policies and programmes for children.

This year, they are looking at the Sustainable Development Goals – and what they need to do in South Africa to make sure that children not only survive, but also reach their full potential. The two workshops were held to produce a child-friendly summary of the Child Gauge with the help of RX Radio reporters.

Here are more pictures from the workshop: