On the 12th of June Loyiso Mkhize and Clyde Beech met up with RX Radio reporters to further discuss the concept for the comic book, and a lot of useful information came from the session.  After this session they came back on 25th of June to discuss the storylines, plots, personal stories and overall experiences of the reporters.

Since the comic will be adapted to a radio drama, Nigel Vermas conducted a three-day radio drama workshop from the 25th to the 27th of June. This has been instrumental in preparing the reporters for their roles in the radio drama and it has also taught them the basic principles of a radio drama. Vermas is going come back in August for a follow up workshop where he we look at the material that was generated during the workshop, this will also include recording these into mini radio dramas. This is to motivate and engage the participants, in a manner that would consolidate the theory into practice.