On Tuesday 05 March 2019 Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital spent a day celebrating a number of important paediatric transplant milestones. These included:

  • The 50th year of Paediatric Renal Transplants
  • The 40th year of Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Almost 40 years of Paediatric Heart Transplants
  • The 30th year of Paediatric Liver Transplants

RX Radio covered this milestone event with Young Reporters Hakeem, Kauthar, and Tarique interviewing organisers and guests at the J&J Hall at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

The celebrations went well as the Provincial Minister of Health Nomafrench Mbombo did the welcoming speech to all the guest. RX Radio Reporters were able to interview Professor Minnette Coetzee (Speaker) from the University of Cape Town(UCT) and Professor Mignon McCulloch, PICU Consultant and Paediatric Nephrologist at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Besides interviewing Medical Professionals, the Reporters were also able to engage with a lot of people who received various transplants from Kidney to Liver, Heart, Bone Marrow and Renal transplants.