On Saturday 9 March 2019 RX Radio Reporter Tarique hosted a live one hour special program, where he was counting down the Top 10 latest tracks from 09:00 – 10:00. He was joined by fellow RX Radio Reporter, Saadiq who interviewed Dr Beth Engelbrecht, the Head of the Western Cape Department of Health who shared her thoughts on RX Radio



RX Radio has grown exponentially; we have trained 76 reporters and we have range of brand new shows that will make their debut on RX Radio soon. However, after Tarique’s Top 10 broadcast, RX Radio had a mock broadcast with five of these new shows. The mock broadcast was not LIVE on air, as this was the first time for these reporters to host a show. But these shows were recorded and will be playing on RX Radio very soon.

Here’s the list of the new shows:

  • Talking Politics and Jazz with Saadiq and Imaad.
  • Mama Africa hosted by Jesse and Alande
  • Heartbeat hosted by Summayyah and Thaakirah
  • LZK Music Show hosted by Luzuko
  • FDS (Fashion, Singing and Dancing) hosted Uli, Kanyo and Anelisa.

In April 2019 these shows will broadcast LIVE for the first time, so keep an eye on our social media pages so you don’t miss out.