On Wednesday 10 March, Radio Tygerberg 104FM visited Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and hosted a live outside broadcast for their Kleinsaterdag – which is an Afrikaans term used to indicate that weekend is approaching.

From 09:00 to 12:00, Radio Tygerberg was set up next to the main entrance of the hospital, where Benescke Janse Van Rensburg hosted the show and interviewed a number of people at the hospital – including Anita Parbhoo (Red Cross Hospital Medical Manager), Dwayne Evans (Red Cross Hospital Communications Officer), RX Radio Producer Wayne Boonzaaier and two of the RX Radio Reporters, Seraj and Nurji.

The theme for this broadcast was ‘What does it mean to serve?’ and Radio Tygerberg interviewed their guests about what serving others means to them. When chatting on air, Wayne shared his journey with RX Radio and how the children’s radio station serves their listeners, while Child Reporters Seraj and Nurji chatted about their roles and participation at RX Radio.

After the broadcast, the Tygerberg 104FM team went to the wards to spend time with the patients and left them with a few gifts.