On Tuesday the 16th of April 2019, RX Radio gave a presentation at the Building Children’s Nursing (BCN) Conference for Africa that took place from Tuesday to Thursday last week. This biennial conference is a participative event for nurses all over Africa who work with children and their families, to consider and celebrate their contribution to excellence in care. This year’s theme was Constructs of Care where models and approaches to care are examined.

Six Child and Young Reporters, along with Senior Content Producer Noluyolo, gave a talk entitled “Improving patient experience and healthcare communication through radio – what children say about pain”. This talk therefore focused on the podcast that was produced last year on Procedural Pain – a podcast that actively changed policy at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Giving the 45-minute presentation at the end of the first day of the conference, Rowan, Thameenah, Jesse, Imaad, Saadiq and Mujahid spoke about their experiences with pain in hospital, the communication they had with healthcare professionals, and how RX Radio may have given them a platform to ask questions and improve their communication skills. Advice was also given to the health workers attending in order to encourage them to listen to their patients and refine their own communication skills when it comes to the pain a patient feels.

The presentation was well-received by the attendees at the conference who spoke highly of the work RX Radio is doing with the children in the hospital community.

Aside from this presentation, RX Radio also covered the BCN conference on the first day – with Child Reporters Thameenah and Rowan interviewing speakers, organisers and attendees. Listen below for the coverage from that day: