The Children’s Hospital Trust hosted an event called “Leave Your Mark” where they wrapped and decorated the hospital fence with an enormous red ribbon on Friday 14 June 2019.

After decorating the ribbon, a number of speakers spoke about the importance of Red Cross Children’s Hospital and its role in saving lives. Zoe Brown was the MC at the event with the first speaker being Blaze Phiesser, a patient of Red Cross who shared her incredible story of survival after she was given only six months to live. This year in February she had a double transplant kidney and liver which was successful. The second Speaker was Gary Gold (head coach for the USA rugby team) who shared his personal connection with Red Cross and donated a watch for the Trust to auction and raise funds.

RX Radio Young Reporters went to cover the event and interviewed a variety of guests who attended – including school children who helped decorate the red ribbon surrounding the hospital.

The Children’s Hospital Trust said that “the ribbon will remain an iconic feature for months to come and is a true reflection of the doctors and nurses and staff who are so dedicated to ‘wrapping their arms’ around the hundred and thousands of children who visit the Hospital every year”.