On Saturday 29 June, students from Her Campus UCT held a writing workshop for the Young Reporters at RX Radio. Her Campus UCT is part of an international online magazine and a team of four students, Fadiyah (chairperson), Blair, Sarah-Kate (senior editor) and Julia, facilitated this workshop as a way to inspire young writers at RX Radio and to help improve their writing skills in blog writing, newsletter writing and also their own personal interest for writing online.

The workshop started with How to write an article with Julia. This included an activity where the group collectively went through the stages of writing an article. Julia runs her own website and she included tips on adding video and audio components to an article. She also touched on how to write independently and on different forms of writing. The second topic was Multimedia, Publishing and Blogging with Sarah-Kate. This section included how Her Campus go through the process of publishing an article and including multimedia elements. Sarah-Kate is the Senior Editor for Her Campus UCT as well as an avid blogger, so she provided tips on where to find images for articles, tips on running a blog and what catches her eye in an article.  Lastly was Creative Writing with Blair. This section focused on screenwriting, narrative structure and character development. 

Sarah-Kate summed up one of the most important lessons from the workshop by saying, ‘writing helps to express yourself fully in other words writing makes things meaningful’.

The workshop was well attended by the children and many of them showed a keen interest in improving their writing skills. They were also pleased with the stationery and some snacks which were nicely packed in a gift bag for the children to use and carry home.