RX Radio was honoured to host President Cyril Ramaphosa for an interview on the 18th of July 2019. The President visited the station as part of his Mandela Day activities and met with many of the Child and Young Reporters of the RX Radio before giving an interview that was hosted by Talitha, Saadiq and Athule.

On arrival at the station, President Ramaphosa was welcomed by Imaad G and Qaqamba, two RX Radio Reporters, and Station Manager Dr Gabriel Urgoiti. He was then escorted to the offices where he was briefed about RX Radio and the day’s activities by Reporters Alex, Amirah, Yusrah, Naseerah, Tarique and Senior Producer Noluyolo Ngomani.

The President then addressed the children before shaking each and every Child and Young Reporters’ hand, greeting them all. After which he was led to the studio for his interview.

President Ramaphosa greeting Child and Young Reporters Naseerah, Yusrah, Amirah and Tarique.

While chatting on air to Talitha, Saadiq and Athule, President Ramaphosa emphasised the importance of remembering Mandela and spoke about young people’s participation in electoral processes. He also touched on the fact that the plight of people with disabilities, including children, was an issue close to his heart – pledging the government’s support for initiatives such as RX Radio.

“We are going to make sure we give support to RX Radio as much as possible because I have come, I have seen for myself. I have touched your hands, I have touched you, hugged you all and I am going to be motivating very, very strongly ministers who are involved with funding organisations like this to do something. Support is on its way,” he said.

You can LISTEN to the full interview here:

Reporters Qaqamba and Imaad, and Station Manager Dr Gabriel Urgoiti welcoming the President.
The President addressing the Child and Young Reporters and their parents.
President Ramaphosa being interviewed by Talitha, Athule and Saadiq.
President Ramaphosa and the RX Radio Team.

Photo Credit: The Presidency ZA