The South African Child Gauge is an annual publication of the Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town. It aims to report on and monitor the situation of children in South Africa, in particularly the realisation of their rights. This year’s theme focuses on child and adolescent health – setting an agenda for 2030 to ensure that South Africa’s children not only survive but reach their full potential. This issue reflects on progress and identifies current and emerging challenges.

On Tuesday, 10 December 2019, the 14th annual Child Gauge was officially launched. The editors of the Child Gauge presented key findings in this year’s edition of the gauge and the keynote address was done by Professor Lesley Bamford, Child and Youth Health Directorate at the National Department of Health, who spoke about the government’s vision for child and adolescent health

RX Radio was featured in this year’s Child Gauge as a case study, focussing on our child/young reporters experience in contributing to the improvement of health care delivery at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. This article was put together by RX Radio with the contribution of Jennifer Ruthe, former UK Charity Manager for the Children’s Hospital Trust and freelance copywriter at

RX Radio Reporters Thameenah and Amirah covered the launch which was held at the Riverclub in Cape Town. The two reporters interviewed Andrew Argent, Head of the Children’s Institute Governing Board and Head of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Muriel Mafico, Deputy Country Representative for UNICEF South Africa and Maylene Shung-King, one of the editors of the Child Gauge.

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