It’s a New Year, New Decade and RX Radio wants to wish you the best for the first day of school and the year ahead!

We have big plans for the year ahead with more shows, activities and content that are by and for children. But before looking ahead too far, take a brief look back with our December Newsletter that came out at the end of 2019.

In this edition of the RX Radio Newsletter, you will find a number of articles touching on a variety of topics, including one on the festival and one on the trip to London to attend the Experts Consultation Meeting on the General Comment on Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment. There are also a few articles from Child and Young Reporters, as well as healthcare workers and readers of our newsletters. We hope that you will enjoy reading the stories inside and if you would like to contribute to future newsletters or if you just want to give general feedback, then please feel free to contact us on

Click here for the December Newsletter.