It is no secret that First Thursdays always has everyone in Cape Town buzzing with excitement, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. While First Thursdays are known for its vibrant culture, it has also presented RX Radio with a wonderful opportunity to emphasize the importance of health. On Thursday the 6th of February, two RX Radio Reporters Amirah and Thameenah together with Producer Chris and PR/Marketer Lusanda attended the WesternCape On Wellness (WoW) event, which took place at the concourse on Wale Street. The original aim of this event was to provide a platform for different communities of the Western Cape to air their opinions and get an opportunity to ask some of the ministers and government officials some questions. The theme for this month was Wellness and that is why WoW was asked to organise various stalls that focused on this topic.

At the Western Cape Government, Amirah and Thameenah had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most influential people in the Western Cape, including the Premier Alan Winde, MEC of Health Nomafrench Mbombo, the new Head of Health in the Western Cape Dr Keith Cloete, and Deputy Director of WoW, Dr Frederick Marais.

Alan Winde had touched on heath subjects that he was very passionate about – highlighting that more people should become organ donors. He stated that “many people’s lives are not saved because we’ve got too few people on the list. Anybody and everybody who really cares about their fellow citizens, become an organ donor. I mean surely when your life ends, if you help someone else’s life continue… what a gift that can be passed on.”

Dr Frederick Marais, who ran the WoW event, also had a few thoughts of his own. When asked what words of encouragement he had for the children at the hospital, he said that “motivation, support and encouragement is so important… if we were supportive as a community, if we help each other, listen to each other and really reach out and really connect with people … it makes us stronger”.

This event certainly had a positive impact on the public as there were many stalls set up in order for people to check their health status. Health is a very important aspect in life that needs to be taken seriously. It teaches us not to take anything for granted and to appreciate what we have. It makes us brave. RX Radio encourages children and their families to speak their truth and walk with them on their health journey.

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