RX Radio is gathering international voices from all around the world. During this pandemic there are so many obstacles that many people are facing not only in South Africa but around the globe, with people not being able to go to work and children who are not able to physically go to school. During the COVID-19 pandemic, RX Radio wants to share those experiences from all over the world, and make sure that children’s voices are heard. Emília (12), Marco (21) and Victoria (9), who are all from Argentina, share what life is like for them during this difficult time. This is one of the latest editions to the Children’s Experiences on our website and joins voices from the UK and China.

These recordings are done in Spanish so Station Manager Dr Gabriel Urgoiti helped out by translating in order for others to also understand. RX Radio prides itself in providing children with the opportunity to voice their experiences and their truths. Take a listen and we hope that you find it both educational and informative.