Thank you Mr President for your leadership in steering the Nation during these time of COVID-19.

Last night you told us why it was important to extend the lockdown until the end of April. You spoke to us honestly and presented us with facts. “There is sufficient evidence that the lockdown is working”, you said. The lockdown is “a matter of survival. We must do all in our power to prevent the massive loss of life”. We fully agree with you.

All our lives are affected by this pandemic and during this time more than ever, we join the nation in supporting in any way we can.

As RX Radio we are committed to continue to provide a platform for children and youth to express their opinions, feelings, challenges and fears about what is happening to them during the pandemic. Their voices need to continue to be taken seriously by adults, especially decision makers and policy-formulators, to help them shape the response to the pandemic and the aftermath that will surely follow.

Mr President, you asked us “to endure even longer (and) make greater sacrifices. Unless we take these measures now, the coronavirus pandemic will engulf and consume our country”.

As RX Radio we pledge to do our best to continue to inform, educate and entertain our audience and, in this way, be part of the national effort in overcoming this pandemic.

(Photo Credit: EWN)