Black Lives Matter. It is this specific movement that is arguably one of the greatest civil rights movements of all time. This movement has encouraged so many people from diverse backgrounds to come together to support one cause and should be praised as any other organisation that celebrates the dignity, respect and protection of life. RX Radio is joining the movement and is taking a stand for Black Lives Matter.

Protests broke out in America and across the world after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in May 2020. The protests take took place showed the continued support that the Black Lives Matter movement has all over the globe. In South Africa, citizens stood up for the movement by protesting not only the death of George Floyd and many others, but also those such as Collins Khosa who were killed by South African army during the lockdown.

RX Radio participated in the #BlackOutTuesday movement, where many public figures and the general public posted a black square to signify their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. RX Radio has also taken to our social media platforms to show support and solidarity for all black lives that have been lost, hurt and wrongfully accused. RX Radio recognises the pain and suffering that many have gone through. We also stand with the movement’s opposition to police brutality and the part that it plays in racism in society. RX Radio Reporter Alex has also been mentioning the importance of this campaign throughout the RX Radio Breakfast show. In light of this, RX Radio is dedicating this blog post to those who may have suffered in any way shape or form at the hands of people in power. #BlackLivesMatter and it’s time we all stand together.  RX Radio encourages others to take a stand and join the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hope to appeal to the humanity of everybody to join this just cause.