The Black Lives Matter Movement continues to draw supporters from every creed, every culture and every nation. The cause of BLM is one that will continue to be deeply entrenched in the minds of every human being affected by the challenges faced by every victim of injustice not only in South Africa but also globally. RX Radio supports the BLM Movement and stands in solidarity with its values. RX Radio commits to creating a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. We will continue to support this movement together with the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, the Transformation Action Group (TAG), the advocacy committee and the greater Department of Paediatrics and Child Health and University of Cape Town.

It is with a sense of urgency that we renew our resolve to take action. We will use our voices, privilege and resources to challenge racism, discrimination, xenophobia and injustice in all its forms, and to actively build a more just, inclusive and equitable workspace and society.   We also commit to uphold children’s rights – to dignity, equality, non-discrimination, survival and development.

We join with the Faculty of Health Sciences in our commitment to “listen with compassion, walk with humility and act with justice”