The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital has been declared a smoke-free facility from 1 August 2020. This means that no one is allowed to smoke cigarettes, pipes, hookahs and electric smoking devices (like vaping) on the hospital grounds. Action will be taken against people who smoke on the hospital grounds and they could be fined or prosecuted.

‘We would like to inform our patients and their caregivers about this latest development,’ said Dr Matodzi Mukosi, CEO of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.  ‘The harmful effects of smoking tobacco and electronic devices to smokers and others around them is well documented. We are committed to providing a safe area for our young patients and a safe workplace for all staff,’ he continued.

RX Radio applauds the decision to make the hospital a smoke-free facility as we have always stood up for the protection of children’s lungs from the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke. In 2018, RX Radio was involved in a workshop held by Professor Anthony Westwood, a retired paediatrician and advocate for the new Tobacco Bill, which looked at the dangers of smoking and how we as children can prevent adults from smoking. He has since been interviewed twice on RX Radio talking about the importance of the Tobacco Bill and the restrictions it puts on smoking to better the health of all South Africans.

Professor Anthony Westwood after his interview with Young Reporters Azande and Imaad A

Earlier this year, Child Reporter Nuroonnisha sent a message to thank the National Council Against Smoking and other organisations that have worked to “Look After Little Lungs” and to ask the President to support the Tobacco Bill. [TAKE A LOOK] at her message below:

To stop smoking call the National Council Against Smoking (NCAS) QUIT Line at 011 720 3145 or email