On Saturday the 5th of September RX Radio, in partnership with the Citizens in Solidarity, hosted our first ever webinar where Child and Young Reporters interviewed Professor Glenda Gray about the Coronavirus and the impact it has on children. Prof Gray answered all our questions and gave us insight into the national Coronavirus response and issues surrounding the lockdown. It was a very successful event.

Many times children’s voices are silenced during national crises and are not taken into account when making decisions concerning the youth. That is why engaging with such professionals as Prof Gray is important for children and young people during times such as these to ask those questions that are of interest to children. Prof Gray also touched on this while answering the thought-provoking questions asked by nine RX Radio Reporters: “… even though children are a very important part of our society, often they are neglected and we don’t listen to them and that we do not give them enough voice or enough time to talk about their concerns… often we forget that children have their own voice and have their own right to speak about their fears and about their sadness about this pandemic.”

If you missed out, the full webinar can now be viewed below or on our YouTube Channel:

RX Radio would like to thank Prof Glenda Gray, Citizens in Solidarity and all the participants involved in making this webinar possible. The reporters at RX Radio will continue to focus on children’s voices during the COVID-19 pandemic and make sure that our experiences are heard and taken seriously.

Keep an eye out for more webinars and virtual broadcasts from RX Radio!